About the company

ATOL ENGINEERING LLC was established in the February 26-th, 2016 in Togliatti, Russian Federation.

There are young and skilled engineers with different specializations in our Team. It’s good combination of youth and experience that became of the earnest of success and permanent development of our company.

Thanks to the high level of Togliatti region’s industralization, our specialists have got the good opportunity for professional advancement in collaboration with world-known OEMs such as ROCKWELL AUTOMATION, BOSCH, COMAU, DURR, KUKA, TAIKISHA, STILL and others.

Professionalism and creativeness, scrupulosity and strong labour dicipline are our main benefits that make us to correspond with the high actual requirements of the market.


Engineering and services


Audit of the Control systems.


Design and implementation of the control systems


Implementation of ACS projects


Control system’s cabinets assembling


Commissioning support on site


Repair of the electronical modules and devices